On Burning Qur’ans – avari | haroon moghul

On Burning Qur’ans – avari | haroon moghul.

I don’t think the overwhelming majority of Muslims ever cared.  Other than sad, annoying facebook campaigns which are so clueless as to not know that one cannot campaign for a restriction of a constitutional right.  Even now, the pictures of violent protest we see, with crowds of angry demonstrators stupidly retaliating against one fringe pastor’s insensitivities by burning American flags (can hypocrisy become any more absurd?), are restricted to Afghanistan — where we are at war.  Almost nobody in the media is talking through this, at all.  Clearly, the anger at the Qur’an burning is largely restricted to places in which other larger political concerns are operating, and the reaction from practically everywhere else has been remarkable silence or statements of condemnation.