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Tell #NYC Mayor Bloomberg he Rocks

Mayor Bloomberg has strongly supported the the Islamic Center being planned near Ground Zero and has also strongly criticized those who have used anti-Islamic rhetoric and justifications for opposing the proposed center. See here for an article re his support: I think that this is an important step from the Mayor, who has not always taken sympathetic positions vis a vis his Muslim constituents. He is certainly receiving a lot of criticism and negative feedback for taking this step. As a result, it is important that his office also receive positive feedback from each and every person who agreed…

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Tweeting the #Quran 2011/1432

Ramadan is back. Time to talk about tweeting the Qur'an again. Last year's thoughts and rules: Traditionally, Muslims read the Qur'an in its entirety over this time, in a section a day. The Qur'an is split into thirty sections, called juz', and one section is read each night. This year, I have been thinking it would be fun to tweet the Qur'an for Ramadan. Coincidentally, Shavuot came, and several people I follow on Twitter tweeted the Torah. Since that experience seemed to be successful, it further cemented my belief that this would be a good idea. Some guidelines for tweeting…

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Mayor Mike Make #NYC Proud The attack was an act of war – and our first responders defended not only our City but also our country and our Constitution. We do not honor their lives by denying the very Constitutional rights they died protecting. We honor their lives by defending those rights – and the freedoms that the terrorists attacked.

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