Good Argument for American Religious Freedom

Unfortunately, I think the title is misleading. At least the author says he knows nothing about Park51. Most of us don’t, and that’s why I am ambivalent. However, it is a good discussion about the need for religious freedom.

The Faith Divide: An evangelical supports mosque near Ground Zero – On Faith at

You might think I’m a liberal or mainline Christian. Not at all. I’m an Evangelical, a conservative Evangelical at that, and an Evangelistic Evangelical to top it all off – that means I tell everyone I can in a polite way about Jesus. I believe Jesus really is the only way to God – but that doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else or gives me a right to be arrogant. If anything I should be humble and broken. I also believe in something called the Great Commission – simply stated that everyone should get to see and hear the Gospel at work so they can make their own call about Jesus. It’s similar to the Dawa that Muslims also believe in their message getting out. Why in the world then would I be OK with mosques being built in America?

 Here’s why: I don’t believe in “Us” against “Them”. I learned the following in my experiences with Vietnam (I used to fear Vietnamese too), and I’m re-learning it with regard to Muslims.