#Boston and #NYC Dance Event: Forest

My dear friend Wendy Jehlen is doing a dance performance called “Forest


Fri, June 18 8pm
Sat, June 19 3pm & 8pm

BU Dance Theater

on Buick Street

at 915 Commonwealth Ave.

tickets: $25, $20 Student/Senior/BDA, $10 Children under 12

available at 617-358-2500 and www.akhra.org/tix.html

ANIKAI Dance invites you to escape the confines of our urban world, and step into the ever-evolving, unpredictable world of the forest – a landscape unfamiliar and alluring, full of serenity and sensuality, conflict and metamorphosis. Forest is but a moment, a small part of a longer, eternal story.

FOREST is choreographed by Wendy Jehlen combining elements as divergent as Brazilian Capoeira, South Indian martial arts, West African dance and Contemporary dance.   

FOREST is inspired by and dedicated to the memory of Brother Blue.

FOREST has been created, in part, during a Dance Residency at the Boston Center for the Arts.