The My Name is (Not) Khan Saga Continues

I recently published a criticism of the film “My Name is Khan,” and of MPAC for honoring the film. I was negligent in providing MPAC’s response. In the interests of being complete, attached are three documents. The original letter criticizing MPAC; MPAC’s response; and the response to MPAC. To be clear, I have not seen the movie, so cannot comment intelligently on this debate. However, it is important for me to show the diversity of thought in the Muslim-American community and the fact that we do have debates. I applaud both groups for having the courage to discuss this publicly and civilly.




One thought on “The My Name is (Not) Khan Saga Continues

  1. MPAC has got it wrong that it was the Hindu wife-Muslim Husband angle in MNIK which led to arrests and deployment of special forces.The fracas by the right wing Shiva Sena was over the actor Shahrukh Khan’s remarks on inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in the Indian Premier League. Also relevant in this regard is Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan/Pushtoon heritage. In fact, another movie Jodha Akbar, with a similar (Hindu wife and Muslim Husband) plot was widely exhibited just over two years ago without an issue made about this angle.
    Islamophobia is alive and well in India, but the days of Muslim actors hiding their Muslim names (Dilip Kumar aka Yusuf Khan) to get ahead is over and I guess the film going audiences have matured to a level where they don’t get incensed over such angles.

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