Note from near Urumqi – #Uyghur

Following email was received from a friend. Edited to remove identifying information. Initial email received on July 7, 2009.

people who live in xinjiang province feel panic, riot just happened

there, they are afraid where and when the riot will happpened again, the matter is really seriou, at the beginning i also heard the news from TV news,

then I called my family and friends, but all phone numbers are baring, and was told this number does not exist. I even can not contact anybody and

get any news from xinjiang except CCTV news. some calls is not easy to make until now, there are still some people making troubles, but i heard a lot

people did died in this riot including a lot of innocent people, all people dare not go out for work and just stay at home and waiting for latest new.

they are still afraid that the riots will happened again.