Yom-e Ali – Foundations (Poem)

Two foundations has Islam
the Qur’an, and Dhu’l-fiqar.
Muslims do agree with that
and the pagans do it too.
As there is in human speech
no light but in Ahmad’s word,
thus there is in no sharp sword
fire, but in Ali’s sword.
Ahmad, Chosen, is the sun,
Haydar, ‘the Attacker,’ light
Light cannot be without sun,
sun cannot be without light.
Firmest handle is for all
love of Ali’s children dear:
Shia are those who are not
wav’ring in their bond to him!
On the treasure which God High
placed in Ahmad’s heart, there is
not a treasurer but Ali,
no dispenser but Ali,
For upon his tongue God has
opened all of knowledge’s locks
There is no one in the world
like to Ali Murtada!
And the ocean full of pearls
is near him all unimpaired:
for there is no royal pearl
precious like his fingertips!
Ev’ryone from whom the light
of the Sun of Faith has gone
All his days are nothing else
but black night, but darkest night!
Useless is the body’s eye
when the sun does no more shine
Would the heart’s eye be of use
when the Sun of Faith is dark?

Nasir Khusraw
from Make a Shield from Wisdom
translated by Annemarie Schimmel