Muslim Women are People too

Nura Sediqe has a great article up on Muslim women. Read it.

Ironically, the same religion that is demonized for oppressing women is the one that has historically produced great examples of women who have been empowered by Islam to serve as role models for communities globally, from Betty Shabazz to contemporary leaders such as Dr. Ingrid Mattson, president of ISNA, the largest Muslim organization in North America.

Or my own personal role model, my mother, Salmenna Sediqe, who was recently elected President of the Islamic community in Toledo, Ohio. She is a survivor of war who managed not only to flee her war-ridden country but also to move beyond the painful circumstances of her home country and continue her civic engagement, empowered by the very religion that is often viewed as being responsible for a lack of women’s rights. And yes, she has done this all whilst choosing to cover her hair.