DHS don’t like them Swarthies

This article is almost a year old, so it’s part of the old pattern. My suspicion is that some agent just finished watching True Romance and was thinking about the Sicilian scene. Key lines for those who don’t know:

So you see, way back then, uh, Sicilians were like, uh, wops from Northern Italy. Ah, they all had blonde hair and blue eyes, but, uh, well, then the Moors moved in there, and uh, well, they changed the whole country. They did so much fuckin’ with Sicilian women, huh? That they changed the whole bloodline forever. That’s why blonde hair and blue eyes became black hair and dark skin. You know, it’s absolutely amazing to me to think that to this day, hundreds of years later, that, uh, that Sicilians still carry that nigger gene.

We are all Moors now.