Where credit is due

John Bracken points me to this article on John McCain where he seems to be putting a lid on the racist rhetoric his campaign has been hinting at. Over at TPM they have video of the exchange and some analysis of what is going on now. Regardless of why, I’m glad McCain said what he said.

Haroon seems to be a bit more bitter about this. I think he’s reading too much into it, but he is a smart guy, so who knows.

One thought on “Where credit is due

  1. I hope McCain continues to put a lid on the racist rhetoric his campaign has encouraged through their absurd attack ads. Although I’ve been an Obama supporter from the get-go, I’ve always personally liked/respected McCain for his bipartisan role in campaign finance reform, his years of military & political service to his country, etc. But McCain’s behavior during this campaign has been a huge disappointment, and I find myself no longer respecting & admiring him as much as I once did.
    McCain’s pick of Palin as a running mate suggests he’s willing to use cheap political gimmicks to get elected, as putting someone so under-prepared and under-informed that close to the Oval Office (especially considering McCain’s age & medical history) is not in the country’s long-term best interest. Giving McCain the benefit of the doubt, I believe he wants to put “country first,” but his pick of Palin suggests he’s putting “McCain first.”
    The attacks on Obama have been the final straw. McCain hasn’t been acting like the decent person I always believed him to be, and I find that hugely disappointing. McCain’s attempts to repair the damage his campaign has caused is a step in the right direction, but I don’t think I’ll ever respect him as much as I once did. And McCain’s behavior during this campaign has made me admire Obama even more than I already did.

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