Is the US in an abusive relationship?

Are we getting beaten up by our companion Saudi Arabia and making excuses for them? Because it sure seems that we are. Almost 1/2 of all foreign fighters in Iraq are from our friend and ally Saudi Arabia. I’m sorry, what?!? Look, people, we’ve had multiple rationale’s for getting involved in Iraq, starting with the search for WMD (which weren’t there, but even if they were, they were bought by the US and Saudi Arabia to stop the Shi’ah incursion from Iran) to spreading democracy and keeping the virulent ideology of Islamic extremists at bay.

So as I understand it the elements fighting to keep democracy away are Saudis. The elements spreading Islamic extremist ideology are Saudi. So we invade Iraq to get to Iran. 2003 all over again. Please wake me when this all over.

In the mean time, can we help our beloved country get out of this abusive relationship? Intervention? Shelter? Restraining Order? Help!

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