Harry Potter in Afghanistan – Predictions

According to Brian you can pre-order the last Harry Potter book in Afghanistan.

My prediction for the last book is that that Harry we know must die. He will either die a physical death, or he will wake-up from a dream, à la “Wizard of Oz,” and discover he’s never had any magic.

Why you ask? Because the magic must be kept alive. If Harry lives, and is totally victorious, the magic becomes a tool. It is no longer wondrous. Once the magical becomes ordinary, or is made ordinary, we forget our relationship to it. For Harry, the magic must constantly be taken a new. Either he must die, so that someone else can discover the magic, or he must never have had the magic, so he may seek it.

I know there are so many who feel that the Harry Potter books are a rejection of religion, but they are an allegory for the affirmation of religion. Seek the inexplicable and become one with it. It’s when that wonder is mundane that it becomes dangerous.

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