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Sorry to be out of touch for a while. I am preparing to move to Europe this month and things are getting both hectic and stressful. Just got back from Morocco, namely Rabat and Fes. Rabat is very pleasant, and Fes is amazing. The old medina is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the people warm. In the next three weeks I will be in Damascus, Dhaka, and Marrakech. It is good to get back to Muslim countries, if only to realise that people are the same were ever you go. The only difference being that Muslims will blow you up.

Came across this in Harpers last week and found it interesting.

Percentage of Americans who cannot identify the year the September 11 attacks took place: 30%
Percentage of Americans who believe that Muslims should be made to carry special identification: 39%
Chance that a Muslim in the US is Arab: 1 in 5