MLT – Artists Panel

Daisy’s introduction

very good introduction to the role of arts in the Islamic tradition. [couldn’t capture it all]


talks about comedy, jazz, and unique American art forms

artists are the only ones who can and do speak truth to power



women’s issues important

full music accompaniment

Muslim pop

Performs song

for her daughter



not comfortable in in English, asks Rajae to translate

works for freedom

can be free without losing religion

not just one way

freedom to be able to make choices

Daisy asks “who took away your freedom?”

answer later


[I’ve loved her work for ages. Check it out at]

introduces a current work “Nemesis,” and animated piece

learn the language of miniatures, but never be limited by it

bridge traditional and avant-garde

what makes art compelling

navigating all the cultures to which she belongs

how does art relate to power and truth

how can i create social awareness

what is my social responsibility

set-up two schools in Pakistan and one in Kabul

started organization called “Art as Change.”


works in nasheed

works with Western forms in traditional forms

ie. rework qawwali in English

shows video

introduce youth to traditional material that might otherwise be lost



start with sample from album

doesn’t make music b/c of Islam or to be Western

she was born as a musician

studied classical Western music

own label: Truth Seeker Records

people loved her music in Morocco, but not acceptable in Holland


not an artist, but an educator in the most broad sense

interested in the arts and the pedagogical aspects

how do we use art in our spaces to develop hard and soft skills and allow youth to express Islam


academic and poet

artists mean to keep it real, speak truth to power

keeping things personal and human

need to support those who keep it real and remind us of our humanity


I’m a born artist too

was sent to the US to study art at age of 15

artist came out after 9/11

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