Zidane should still be President [Updated][2x]

I was trying hard not to do a World Cup post (can’t believe the Italians won it all). But watching Zidane being sent off the way he was shocked me. Couldn’t decide if Materazzi talked about his wife or his mother. Turns out he may have called Zidane “a dirty terrorist.” Read this post from the Chapati for more.

Update: Ali Eteraz has more at Progressive Islam (1, 2).

Update: As always, Wikipedia is on top of the situation. It seems if Materazzi did in fact use a racist slur, it could jeopardize the win. That’s severe, and probably unlikely, but still.

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4 thoughts on “Zidane should still be President [Updated][2x]

  1. I had heard Materazzi called Zizou’s father a harki — I wonder if that’s untrue, or if “dirty terrorist” is a journalist’s inept translation?
    In any case, I feel simultaenously bad for the guy and let down by him. Apparently Materazzi said something more over-the-line than usual for football, but still. We were all standing on the balcony shouting “Zidane y va marquer ! Zidane y va marquer !” for 110 minutes, then he gets himself sent off. 🙁

  2. I didn’t know there were so many French fans — for their football team, I mean. I too was rooting for the French, and like everyone else, was shocked by Zidane’s conduct that resulted in the red card. Let’s think of the worst thing that Materazzi can say, you still don’t go and clock the guy (on-field at least) and put your team at a disadvantage. Zidane is a professional and I’m sure he’s been heckled and called some pretty bad things in 20 years. I played a varsity sport in college and a few years after and one thing is true about dealing with hecklers and mind games from the opponent — winning is always the best revenge.

  3. I love Zidane and posted previously on islamicate about him. I too was shocked and saddened by his headbutt and sending off. Upon reflection and with more perspective, I like the headbutt. With one single act to show he was human, Zidane shattered the myth and became a man. Many saw in Zidane a savior and almost unfalliable figure who was beyond human. Zidane now is a flawed character, like all of us. He has become more accessible now. I think that there was too much pressure put on him to represent France, immigrants, Muslims, integration, ect. All of us did it. And with one single act, Zidane said enough. I am a man and I am human. Many other such legends perform this act much slower over time and upon retirement, either through the bottle, drugs, bad financial or personal decisions, or by trying to stay relevent. Zidane got it over with in one go. Stupid mistake, but we all make mistakes. The Italian player was not injured. The only one hurt was Zidane. He has my respect and sympathy and he is still the best player of his generation, that has not changed. Zizou!

  4. Hey ‘dog,
    I agree the action made Zidane human, but I think it was more important to show that Muslims/immigrants/Arabs are human, no mindless machines doing whatever the “true” French need done. However, as this link shows (http://www.islamophobia-watch.com/islamophobia-watch/2006/7/11/france-angered-by-italy-senators-racist-soccer-slur.html), I think it feeds into the impression of Muslims/immigrants/Arabs as savages that the buffoonery already have. C’est la guerre.

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