Happy Gregorian 2006

Happy Gregorian Year 2006!

I’m working part-time at a bookstore – a nationally recognized company that shall remain nameless. It’s a good way to keep off the streets and out of trouble, and I figure the surest way to tapped by the NSA is to be an unemployed, overeducated Muslim male who is also an American citizen.

In any event, I saw something today that really made me start off the new year right. A young hijabi, perhaps in her 20s, was reading a book on sex acts. I’m happy for her.

One thought on “Happy Gregorian 2006

  1. Hi IslamoYankee,
    Actually,staying employed is a good way to pay your fair share in taxes.
    As far as the best way to not be tapped by the NSA,well,don’t accept communication from anyone outside USA who may be working with alQaeda or similar group,or who may be planning violence in the free world.Beyond that,you’re just fearmongering.

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