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You say Salafi, I say Wahhabi…

Its been a long hard winter. I realised that unless you take a winter break, this place is bleak. A Red Sox title only warms you up so far. Some interesting things are taking place in the Middle East which have me reading the papers more carefully. I am not convinced that the assasination of Hariri was planned by Assad. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Syrians are knee deep in mire on this one. I think this was a Syrian security operation designed to put pressure on Assad. This is a Syrian internal conflict being played out in…

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Perhaps the greatest American Muslim thinker of the 20th century was Malcolm X. Even when he was with the NOI, his speeches that did not attempt to define himself negatively – i.e. against others – were brilliant. After his Hajj experience, what he offered American Muslims resonates today. His letters were almost lost, but thankfully, they were saved.

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