found, but not lost – jihad against studpidity

Read elf on the matter. (yes, it’s old, hence the title of the post). Maybe we should make that our tag line “jihading against idiocy with a dunce cap on the head.”

2 thoughts on “found, but not lost – jihad against studpidity

  1. I think I prefer your current tagline. Anyway… I appreciate the fact that you still read my blog from time to time, in spite of all the divisive comments I’ve left here.

  2. elf, I’m hurt you’d think we’d stop reading your stuff. It’s on my RSS reader, and I got your posts hot off the presses :).
    No divisive I’ve seen here. Poking holes is good. Disputation is good. Sharing is good. You don’t have to agree, just be nice, and you always have been.

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