5 thoughts on “and so begins the takeover

  1. i don’t think Muslims are taking over in Britain, but steps must be taken to integrate them into British society

  2. I live in Essex in England. Many other Pakistanis live here, but we still face recial abuse at times. I find this hard to understand, because Pakistanis make up the 2nd largest ethnic group in Britain now, after the white population. But i feel safer now that there are many other muslims living in Britain. The rascism has angered me so much, that i dislike most white people now. Since nearly a quarter of Britian’s youth population is now muslim, I now believe it is inevitable that Islam will become dominant in Britain. I hope that Allah will teach the white people a lesson, and if they do not, I will press them under my feet until they revert to Islam

  3. Islam teaches that all Muslims should convert or kill.
    It is truly said to see that there will be a World War III.
    We as “progressive people are told to be tolerant, but Muslims are not tolerant when they out number their host country.
    Do not fool yourselves. Billions of people will die in the next World War. You asked for it and Armageddon is on the way, as it stands now One Religion under God will be the only way out and Islam is not it…

  4. as we speak, members of a higher class society have formed an anti-islamic terrorist group. We aim to destroy muslims, eradicate them and make their faith extinct. Muslims can go to Allah’s paradise AKA HELL.

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