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I know we got a lot of people interested in Shi’ism, specifically Isma’ili Shi’ism, coming through this site. Myself, and several others, have an interest in this group, but don’t want to make the blog about one particular interpretation. However, I have found WikiCities, and thought that might be a good place to continue a conversation on the topic. I can’t run it by myself and would like to hear if others, Isma’ili or not, would be willing to help start something up before letting the Wiki have its way. You can leave notes in comments or email me at “islamoyankee at islamicate dot com.” A Navroz launch would be nice.

6 thoughts on “WikiCity on Ismaili

  1. Good question. WikiCities is an outgrowth of Wikipedia. It’s more community oriented and is for stories, reflections, poetry, etc., that might not be appropriate for an encyclopedia, but are still important to document.

  2. Just a cautionary note, I
    suggest that you leave
    discourse about the Ismaili
    branch of Islam to the ismail
    Institute. There is to much
    hearsay. Leave the teaching
    to that Institute.
    A Canadian

  3. Mariam, I do not think that islamoyankee was speaking about teaching Ismailism, but rather, starting a conversation with others interested in this branch of Shi’i Islam. It could go a long way to dispelling myths and hearsay.

  4. Mariam should first defineherasay
    an and then attribute it to Simailis.
    No one is going to be declared himself unsislamic
    she should know well about ismailis andand islama first.

  5. I hereby confirm that Ismailies are real Muslims in this world, because have have a spiritual leadership since creation of this world and till last judgement day. God created people with (“Hidayat”) HIS guidence. Most of Muslims sect dont have a leadership and guidence since Last Porphet(PBUH), but Allahamdulah we a real spritual leadership and guidence til qayamat”

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