3 thoughts on “I am not of the disappeared

  1. Well you know how to ride a hobby horse at any rate. The 3,000 (where did that figure come from) “disappeared” seem to range from a very visible James Yee to aliens lawfully in deportation proceedings. And what does the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII have to do with the Rosenbergs (not your point, I know, but it is on the site that you’re endorsing)? Finally, as someone with Latin-American heritage — where real “desaparecidos” occured — I resent the rhetorical misappropriation of the very word by people who have no clue what they’re talking about.
    BTW, welcome back after your absence.

  2. Tony, so happy to have you back. I thought we lost you over the absence.
    I do love my hobby horse. I do agree that the number of 3000 for unaccounted for detainees now is probably high, although those were the numbers bandied about in 2001-2002. I think about 1/2 have been accounted for now.
    As for the “desaparecidos,” I must confess my knowledge is only superficial. However, is it a question of magnitude? We do know that there are people in our prison system who are not “officially” there. (No, Yee should not be part of that list.)

  3. Well, I had to make do with MWU and alt.muslim in your absence. But neither one published anything by M. Shahid Alam while you were away, so no harm done ; ^)

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