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Last Night’s RNC

From the DNC, my take away message: Kerry fought in a war 30 years ago. America is a great country full of hope and promise. Because Kerry fought in the war, he values the greatness of America and will fight to keep it great. From the RNC, my take away message: 9/11 was great. Without it you’d never know that Bush was chosen by God. And by God, we’re more than happy to have another 9/11 to prove how great we are. Overall big disappointments for me: John McCain and Bob Dole. They’ve become tools. Rudy Giuliani did not disappoint…

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Intra-faith Women

Hijab in the UK

Via this Crooked Timber piece [sorry CT folks, can’t find your trackback ID] I found out about this case in the UK about a Muslim girl wanting to cover in school. I like Harry’s last paragraph: But the fact that the regulations might drive a girl into an educational situation in which her religious beliefs will not be challenged or tested seems to me a reason for bending, or revising the rules, not a consideration in their favour. The parents’ enthusiasm that their child should attend a state comprehensive school is to their credit. Telling them that they should school…

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