hawgblawg: Robin Wright on Arab/Islamic Hip-Hop

About time MERIP got a blog. Some nice stuff brewing. hawgblawg: Robin Wright on Arab/Islamic Hip-Hop. Merip has a brand new blog, launched today. I intend to contribute posts on a regular basis–but I will not be abandoning hawgblawg by any means. My first was a meditation on how Robin Wright celebrates Arab/Islamic hip-hop in her book, Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World. Read it here.

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Omid Safi: What Would Martin Say Now?

Omid Safi: What Would Martin Say Now?. Prophets don’t come to us to make us feel better about ourselves, to tell us to affirm our inner goodness, or to grant us wishes like a Santa-Clause.  No, prophets come to hold up a mirror to our society and our hearts, and let us see how we have fallen away from God, how we are living unjustly. They tell us that unless we repent now, the judgment of the Lord is upon us.

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Cambridge Digital Library – University of Cambridge

Cambridge Digital Library – University of Cambridge. Cambridge University Library's collection of Islamic manuscripts dates from the origins of Arabic scholarship in Cambridge in the 1630s when the University founded a Professorship in Arabic and William Bedwell donated a Qur'an to the Library. Since that time the collection has grown in size and diversity to over 5,000 works, including the collections of Thomas Erpenius, J.L.Burckhardt, E.H.Palmer and E.G. Browne. These manuscripts shed light on many aspects of the Islamic world, its beliefs and learning. h/t Gary Bunt

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