Post-9/11 ‘Arab Slayer’ Mark Stroman’s Last Words Offer Message Of Peace

Post-9/11 'Arab Slayer' Mark Stroman's Last Words Offer Message Of Peace. After a lifetime of bitter prejudice that drove him to kill innocent strangers, Mark Stroman died with a message of peace. Stroman, 41, was executed by the state of Texas on Wednesday night by lethal injection, punishment for a shooting rampage in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks that left two South Asian convenience store workers dead and another seriously injured.

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A Mosque Story: Wajahat Ali | Spiritual Appetite

A Mosque Story: Wajahat Ali | Spiritual Appetite. This man, a former convict who was selling $3 Ramadan Cards with his friend who had served 37 years, stood up and gave one of the most beautiful adhaans I had the pleasure of hearing in years.  His voice soared – beyond the bricks and mortars of a building that would not dare confine such a gift. We were all blessed and grateful to hitch-hike this voice that probably flirted with the Heavens, if even for the briefest of moments.  As I sat and listened, I shocked myself by spontaneously uttering something…

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